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Priced for happier journeys

Road trips are the stuff of memories – whether you’re travelling for work, exploring the country or just moving house. But who wants to blow their budget on an overpriced car rental?

We’ve created the simplest, most affordable way to rent cars, trucks, utes and vans in your area – so you can spend more once you arrive at the other end.

Here's what customers love about Orana Rentals:

Low, low prices

As an independent and locally owned business, we keep our overheads low and vehicle choices simple. That means we can pass on lower prices for our rental cars, utes, trucks and vans.

Ultra-new fleet

With all our cars, utes, trucks and vans aged less than two years old, we operate the youngest fleet you’ll find in the rentals biz.

Friendly, efficient service

Prompt answers, reliable bookings, straightforward systems and clean cars, trucks, utes and vans are what you deserve as a rental customer. That’s what we deliver.

No hidden fees

At Orana we don’t think it’s right to charge additional driver fees, overseas license fees or various admin fees. See our FAQs for other annoying fees we don’t charge when you rent our rental cars, trucks, utes and vans.

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Toyota yaris

Toyota Yaris

Brilliant city runabout, and still our lowest-priced rental car. Here's why the Yaris is such a fun car to drive

  • 4 doors plus hatch-style trunk
  • 5 passenger seats
  • Brilliant fuel economoy
  • Uncluttered interior and clear driver vision
  • Simple, large dashboard displays
Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla Sedan

Compact city car with a little more shoulder room and luggage space than the Yaris.

  • 4 doors plus generous hatch-style trunk
  • 5 passenger seats
  • Generous legroom throughout
  • Highly rated for handling, dynamics and safety
Toyota yaris

Mitsubishi Outlander

A must-drive SUV car for bigger groups, especially if you're driving out of town or with lots of gear.

  • 4 doors plus generous hatch-style trunk
  • 7 passenger seats
  • Spacious and luxurious interior
  • Superior handling and stability