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Best-value Car Hire in Sydney and Brisbane


Choose from Orana’s zippy Toyota Yaris at a market-leading rent a car rate of $42 for 7 days plus. Our practical hire car range also includes the trusty Toyota Corolla (mid size), spacious Toyota Camry (full size) and the class-leading Hyundai iMax (8 seater).

Small Car

Rate $42 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 2-5 Passengers 3 bags
Mid Size Car - Sedan

Rate $47 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 5 Passengers 2 bags
Mid Size Car - Hatch

Rate $47 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 5 Passengers 2 bags
Full Size Car

Rate $56 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 5 Passengers 3 bags
7 Seater SUV

Rate $69 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 7 Passengers 3 bags
8 Seater Car

Rate $83 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 8 Passengers 4 bags

Get More Done
In A Low-Cost Rental Car

Renting a car for a business, leisure or family trip - or just because there's a road asking to be explored?

We've created the simplest, most affordable way to hire a car in Sydney – or hire a car in Brisbane. You get to spend more on enjoying life more once you’ve arrived.

Here's what customers love about Orana Rentals cars:

Low, low prices

As an independent and locally owned business, we keep our overheads low and vehicle choices simple. That means we can pass on lower prices for our vehicles, including small, medium and full-size rental cars, SUVs and people-movers.

Ultra-new fleet

With all our cars, utes, trucks and vans aged less than two years old, we operate the youngest fleet you’ll find in the rentals biz.

Friendly, efficient service

Prompt answers, reliable bookings, straightforward systems and clean rental cars, SUVs and vans are what you deserve as a rental customer. That’s what we deliver.

No hidden fees

At Orana we don’t think it’s right to charge additional driver fees, overseas license fees or various admin fees. See our FAQs for other annoying fees we don’t charge when you rent our cars.

Our Car Hire Sydney & Brisbane

No other cities in all of Australia draws in more visitors than Sydney and Brisbane. While there is public transport in both cities, their sprawling nature, bustling city nightlife, world’s famous beaches and rustic country towns are best explored by car. Therefore, considering a car hire in Sydney or Brisbane is a no brainer.

When it comes to affordable rates on car hires in Sydney and Brisbane, we shine among the competitors. We don’t trick our customers into paying additional hidden costs like premium locations and long distance fees. At Orana Car & Truck. We put the safety, comfort and convenience and customers first. We find the best car rentals available at the most affordable rates possible. We keep our overhead fees low and offer a standard excess on passenger cars at $1500. Meanwhile, our easy-to-understand pricing structure for all vehicles promise better planning and budgeting on your overall rental experience. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, Orana Car & Truck offers inexpensive car hires at the best rates throughout the country. Book a SUV or a compact automatic car online through our website and you’re guaranteed convenience and low costs on rental services.

Our Fleet

Whether you are based in Sydney or Brisbane, our diverse, modern fleet includes a vehicle to suit every journey, distance and occasion- from compact cars, full-sized vehicles to roomy SUVs. Find your car rental in Sydney and Brisbane today.

Small / Mid-size Cars

Toyota yaris

Our go-to collection is on sale! The budget-friendly and small Toyota Corolla hatchback, Toyota Camrys or the mid-size Sedan make the perfect choice as economy cars. With exceptional fuel efficiency, spacious interiors and various safety features, the following fleet makes a fantastic choice to explore the city to journeying the Great Ocean Road. Our compact car rate for small cars and mid-size cars range from $42- $56 for 7+ days.

SUVs / Large cars

Misubishi Outlander

Have a large family or planning the ultimate road trip around Australia? Drive across the country in style by renting one of our spacious and modern 5-seater SUVs or 8-seater vehicles. All larger vehicles offer generous space for luggage, extra seats for the kids to fight over and start between $59- $83 for 7+ days.

Corporate / Long-term Cars

Toyota Corolla

Driving to another city for a business meeting? Whether you need a vehicle for one day or a few years, our helpful staff can source stylish corporate cars and create a customised quote that best suits your rental needs. At Orana Car & Truck, we can help you manage vehicle maintenance, depreciation and car insurance. Chat with one of our staff members for short and long-term car rentals in Sydney and Brisbane.

Why use Orana for car rentals in Sydney & Brisbane

  • Brand new fleet - no cars less than two years old
  • No additional drivers fees
  • Effortless booking system
  • Australian-owned and operated
  • Child safety features included in all vehicles
  • Wide range of fleet vehicles on offer

Day In The Life

Navigating Sydney in a rental car

So, you’re settled in the driver’s seat and on the way in your rental car to explore the legendary sights of Bondi Beach, The Rocks, Paddington, Northern Beaches and other Sydney drawcards.

But even with the nav open and destination defined, Sydney’s roads have a few points to watch for car drivers not used to the city.

Ongoing roadworks

like many Australian cities, Sydney is in a constant state of change as suburbs get reshaped, new rail lines added and roadways built. Watch your nav closely to steer clear of changed traffic conditions.

Variable speed limits

Australian roads have a combination of speeds, sometimes just around the corner from other speed zones. Don’t get caught out. Generally, the speed limit is 50km on most residential roads, 70km on some arterial roads and 110km on freeways. But watch out for the 40km restriction in place near schools, in operation twice a day.

Parking meters vs parking stations

Parking inspectors are unflinching with the rules on metered street parking, so if you think you might go over the time limit, look for a parking station instead.

Seatbelts are mandatory, front and back

Make sure you and all your passengers are properly belted in.

Getting it right with toll roads

Your nav will usually show you whether the route takes you along a toll road or not. Generally, freeway-style toll roads a handy way of getting across town in peak hours – but not necessary at other times of the day.

Getting around Brisbane in a rental car

Doing business in South Bank or the CBD, eating out in Fortitude Valley or heading out of town in your rental car to Ipswich, Byron Bay, Ballina or beyond? You’ve probably got your nav open and your destination defined.

Here are a few things to watch for car drivers new to Brisbane.

Ongoing roadworks

like many Australian cities, Brisbane is in a constant state of change as suburbs get reshaped, new rail lines added and roadways built. Watch your nav closely to steer clear of changed traffic conditions.

Remaining points to have same content as for Sydney; adapted from this website.

Indulgent Sydney trip in an Orana rental Car

Travelling to Sydney for New Year, Vivid festival, the footy or for a wedding?

Sydney is a fun city, any time of the year – but don't trick yourself thinking you can get around on public transport. Sure, in the busier areas you’ll park your car and walk a good part of the way, to avoid seasonal traffic or drink-driving limits.

But after that, the best discoveries will happen in your rental car. Nose your car into easy-flowing traffic and head north over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, admiring the Sydney Opera House on your way. Go whale-watching off the northern beaches, climb the sand dunes of Palm Beach or take an easy bodysurf on the breaks of Manly Beach. Park your car along a local beach and explore the nearby cafés, eateries, beachwear and vintage stores. Bought a new bikini, retro vase or surfboard? Pop them straight into the boot of your car.

Or maybe you’re more bent on driving west. Head out on the M4 motorway and keep the Blue Mountains in sight, as your car takes you on a day of discovery around Katoomba, the Three Sisters and a medley of cute towns. Shop for a picnic at the delis along Leura’s main street. Then jump back into your car, to lunch al fresco in front of the nearest magnificent waterfall or lookout.

And that’s just for starters. Sydney sprawls over a massive 12,368 square kilometres – so you can only imagine what else is ready for you to explore in a car.

Rent a car for business in Sydney and Brisbane

Okay, so you and your colleagues are in Brisbane for a week of business – with a few days of leisure added on, thanks to the ultra-affordable Orana rental car offering.

You won’t need to rent a car for those business meetings dotted around Brisbane’s CBD, which might involve coffee at South Bank in the morning, lunch at the casino and then a sunset stroll across Story Bridge.

And you won’t need to hire a car to go kayaking on the Brisbane River at lunchtime the next day, or to catch the State of Origin kick off that night at Suncorp Stadium.

But with the meetings done and a few days left, it’s time to point that hire car in the direction of the hills – or the ocean, valleys or local farmlands, whichever you prefer.

An enjoyable medley of beaches, small towns and other sights can be found on the Scenic Rim, south of Brisbane’s centre. Stop the car by Mount Coot-tha on your way back into town to admire the view, then drive straight to the trendy bars and restaurants of Forgitude Valley.

And if you’ve set aside a few days after the business trip, jump back into your rental car and start ticking off your bucket list – Gondwana Rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef, Byron Bay, Lamington National Park, Fraser Island or more. You’ll never regret the time you spent exploring the natural wonders of Queenland in a top-quality rental car.

No dumb fees

Relax – with Orana, you won’t pay extra for any of the following:
  • Overseas driver’s licenses fees
  • Additional driver fees
  • High-season fees
  • Premium location fees
  • Administration fees
  • Long distance fees in NSW or ACT