Best-value Car Hire in Australia


Choose from Orana’s zippy Toyota Yaris at a market-leading rent a car rate of $47 for 7 days plus. Our practical hire car range also includes the trusty Toyota Corolla (mid size), spacious Toyota Camry (full size) and the class-leading Hyundai iMax (8 seater).

Small Car

Rate $47 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 2-5 Passengers 3 bags
Mid Size Car - Sedan

Rate $53 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 5 Passengers 2 bags
Mid Size Car - Hatch

Rate $53 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 5 Passengers 2 bags
Full Size Car

Rate $60 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 5 Passengers 3 bags
5 Seater

Rate $58 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 5 Passengers 3 bags
7 Seater SUV

Rate $75 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 7 Passengers 3 bags
8 Seater Car

Rate $95 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 8 Passengers 4 bags

Rate $52 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 2 Passengers

Rate $50 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 2 Passengers

Rate $89 a day
7+ days

Auto Aircon 3 Passengers

Car Hire Australia

Australia is famous for its beaches, natural wonders, and stunning cities, including Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth. The country offers various unique experiences that fit every style, budget, and age.

The country’s open roads offer some of the most scenic drives, and one of the best ways to visit Australia’s amazing cities is by car rental services. Car rental Australia is ideal for individuals and groups and offers a convenient way to indulge in the beauty of the open country.

If you’re visiting Australia, we highly recommend our car rental services to help you move around, avoid inconveniences, and get around faster. Orana’s car and truck rental services are ideal for short or long stays and logistics solutions for you and your belongings.

How To Rent a Car in Australia

Renting a vehicle from a car rental company in Australia is a simple process without much paperwork. You can get a car for business or leisure with the following steps:

Advance booking

It’s always essential to plan your transportation before getting to your destination. With advanced booking, you can select your preferred vehicle, pay in advance with your credit card, and complete your booking.

Finding the right car rental company Australia

Our wide range of services and extensive car collection make us the ideal car rental company for flexible travel and custom packages for you and your business.

Comparing vehicles and prices

Take time to compare our services and how they match your needs and budget. For instance, if you’re carpooling, you may opt for an 8-seater van instead of two smaller cars.

Choosing a rental vehicle can be influenced by many factors, so take time and reach out to us if you have any questions.

Car Rental Australia Vehicles

Our car rental Australia services include cars in the following classes:

Corporate Car Rental

More companies are considering car rental services for their company because they offer many benefits in the long run compared to outright purchases of vehicles for staff. Our corporate rental services ensure you have well-maintained cars for all your employees.

There are various vehicles available for your unique business needs and custom packages for better cost efficiency. Corporate renting helps businesses reduce transport costs by ensuring monitoring and easier fleet management.

Small Car Rental

We offer a range of compact cars ideal for drives around the city. Our well-maintained selection features comfortable interiors, reliable fuel economy, and the latest safety features, such as:

  •     Active braking
  •     Driver and front passenger airbags
  •     Force limiter seat belts

Cars in our small rental category include the Toyota Yaris from just $47 per day and the new Toyota Yaris Ascent Sport from $50 per day. Prices are inclusive of general insurance.

Mid Size Car (Sedan)

Our mid-size group of rental cars is popular for superior gas mileage. These cars are tuned for fuel efficiency and are a great option for small families or groups of friends.

Starting at $53 per day, our rental sedans, including the Toyota Corolla sedan and Toyota Corolla hatch, offer comfortable driving even for long distances.

Sedan rental services are available for 1-2 days up to 3 months+, and our team will walk you through the booking process.

Full-Size Car Rental

Families will enjoy the functionality of a full-size car. Our vehicles in the range include the Toyota Camry (petrol) and a hybrid option. Full-size cars are ideal for long drives as they offer more space for passengers and luggage while maintaining reasonable fuel economy.

These cars offer more leg space and can accommodate up to 5 passengers without feeling cramped. You also get many safety features as standard, including an automatic transmission shift lock and 3 child restraint anchorage points.

Full-sized cars can be a viable alternative to mid-size car rentals depending on your travel plans.

5 and 7 Seater SUV

If you’re going out with your family members or travelling as a large group, a 5-seater or 7-seater SUV is the ultimate rental vehicle for both comfort and space. Both are an economical option as you don’t have to rent several small cars, which increases fuel expenditure and parking fees.

Our 7-seater SUVs offer more space for additional luggage, so you can stay on the road without making unnecessary steps. Pick our Mitsubishi Outlander for a compact ride as you explore Australia.

8 Seater Van

8-seater vans are very versatile and can be used by families, friends, and businesses for multiple purposes. Starting at $95 per day, they are ideal for long trips and city adventures, as you can carry all your luggage everywhere you go.

8-seater vans are popular for visiting groups attending events in the city and open road adventures. Our 8-seater Hyundai iMax features a 4-speed automatic, factory-tinted glass for privacy, and dual-zone air conditioning, among other great features.

Various safety features also come as standard, including driver and front passenger’s airbag, reverse warning system, and electronic brake force distribution (EBD).

Our professional team comprises locals in all of our locations, so you will also get our favourite recommendations for the best spots to drive in your locale. You can make your booking on our website and specify your location, airport car and return location.

Our rental services also offer our clients new vehicles and access to breakdown recovery from our partners. We provide nationwide recovery services so you can concentrate on the road ahead, knowing we are on call in case of an emergency.

Looking for competitive service and convenience on the move? Contact us for inquiries and bookings.


What is the minimum age for renting a car in Australia?

Various rental car companies may have different age limits. However, the standard age requirement is 21 years.

Can I rent a car in Australia without an Australian driver’s licence?

You can hire a car in Australia with a valid international driver’s licence.

How much does a car hire in Australia cost?

Prices may vary depending on the rental company, location, and kind of car.