Need a van or a truck for a quick move?

We have awesome rates on Utes, Vans & Trucks from $60 per day!

  • Market-leading rates for van rentals
  • All-automatic Toyota fleet in two sizes: 1-ton (6 cubic metres) and 1.5-ton (10 cubic meters)
  • Perfect for small/medium size moves
  • Great access via side and rear doors
  • Most vehicles come with rear cameras and cruise control
1 Tonne Van

Rate $50 - $86 per day

Auto Aircon 2 Seats
1 Tonne Van - New

$53 - $89 per day

Auto Aircon 2 Seats
1.5 Tonne Van

Rate $77- $99 per day

Auto Aircon  2 Seats
1.5 Tonne Van - New

$81 - $103 per day

Auto Aircon 2 Seats
Hino Truck Hire

$89 - $169 per day

Auto Aircon 3 Seats

Van & Truck Rentals Sydney & Brisbane

Need a van hire in Sydney or Brisbane. Choose Orana Car & Truck, your go-to destination for all things related to van and truck hires.

Whether you’re renting for business purposes, moving across states, or prepping for a long-awaited road trip with friends, Orana Car & Truck has a variety of trucks, utes and vans to get you on your way.

With over 40 years under our belt, we are proud to create a name for ourselves as a leading truck hire company in both Sydney and Brisbane. With no hidden fees and a seamless booking system, we keep our overhead costs low and guarantee friendly, efficient service to find you a truck or van hire in Sydney (or Brisbane!) to get you on the motorway faster.

Our Fleet

We get it. You have places to be and sights to see. We understand that every person has different requirements when it comes to van rentals.

As a result, Orana Car & Truck has mastered the art of accessibility at your convenience. Whether you’re after a small van or a heavy-duty truck hire, we are home to Brisbane and Sydney’s newest and largest van and truck fleet. With an impressive 10 cubic metres of storage space and optimal van-like maneuverability, 1.5 tonne vans are the ultimate Sydney and Brisbane van rental choice.

If you’re after a fuel-efficient van hire in Sydney and Brisbane, our best-selling Toyota Hiace vans are for you. Moving house or inventory equipment? Our fleet of spacious Hino Trucks will certainly get the job done- our most reliable truck hires in Sydney and Brisbane.

At Orana Car & Truck, we aim to provide the best competitive rates possible combined with corporate-grade customer assistance. Speak to our friendly team today if you are looking for Sydney & Brisbane van and truck hire rates from 3 to 48 months.

Areas of use

Need a vehicle quickly? Our van hire and truck rental offices are conveniently located in accessible suburbs within the major cities of Sydney and Brisbane.

We operate and service throughout NSW, QLD and parts of SA. For our van hire Sydney and our van hire Brisbane customers, enjoy a ‘no-charge’ benefit within your state. For use of vehicles outside NSW and QLDs, contact our friendly reservation team.

The best-stocked van rental
and truck rental fleet

Hire a near-new van to transport your valuable work equipment securely, or rent a truck to shift the contents of an entire apartment.

We’ve created the simplest, most affordable way to hire a truck in Sydney – or hire a truck in Brisbane – so you can do more with your budget once you’ve arrived.

Van hire and the arts scene in Sydney

What does a florist, props builder, visual artist, liquor wholesaler and dance-punk band have in common?

Easy – they’re just some of the customers who hire a van from Orana Rentals regularly, in Sydney and Brisbane. Their reasons for doing so vary.

Hire a van to save on fleet costs
"My accountant told me to hire a van instead of maintaining my own fleet. It makes much more sense when you take depreciation and running costs into account."

That’s a comment we often hear from clients, including the boutique furniture maker who rents our vans to deliver his made-to-measure items to elite homes from Byron to Brisbane and much in between.

Same goes for our liquor wholesaler client, Peter. He hires Orana Rentals vans and trucks to deliver up to 400 orders a day across Sydney, from Palm Beach in the north to Helensburgh in the south.

Renting a van also has benefits you don’t realise at first – until you have a bad experience elsewhere. One rental van customer, Steph, found us after a leaking tire at another firm cost her half a day of inconvenience. She’s stayed with us ever since.

With Orana, you won’t find any broken fittings, dodgy engines or plain bad service. Our customers benefit from rental vans that are among the newest in Sydney, beautifully maintained and with every part in working order.

Rent a van from friendly staff who remember your name

When you’re a regular customer, it’s only natural that the staff can fulfil your order even in a pinch. They should also maintain low prices, meet special requests and remember your name.

Well at Orana Rentals, that goes without saying. Delivering good customer service is as important as delivering a good rental van.

Rent a truck and get stuff done

"There's no drama with Orana"

There are so many reasons customers rent a truck in Sydney or Brisbane.

It’s easy to move house with Orana Rentals, for one, given that our rental trucks come with tail lifts. That makes it easy to shift the entire contents of a two-bedroom apartment, with just a couple of mates to help.

But mostly, if you need to hire a truck it’s because your business can’t function without one.

For example, we rent trucks to artisans, manufacturers, performers, events companies and other firms who take on jobs at short notice – meaning they can’t do the work without renting an affordable truck to deliver their gear.

One customer is a successful abstract artist, who will regularly hire a truck from Orana Rentals to deliver his 3-metre oil paintings to high-end restaurants and homes dotted between the Central Coast, Sydney, Bowral and Canberra. He’s with us because we always accommodate his order, remain low-priced after all these years, and always remember his name. "There’s never a drama with Orana!" he enthuses, and we’re super proud of that reputation.

Other Orana truck hire clients include the props builder who delivers stage sets for advertising shoots from Sydney to Melbourne and back, the café owner who does pop-up shops around Brisbane and the roadways company that supplements their fleet with Orana.

Hire a truck and get stuff done

When you can rent an affordable truck like at Orana Rentals, it means you can service clients across the country. Without that affordability or ease, it simply means the numbers wouldn’t stack up for many business owners – and that’s a reputation we plan to keep up.

We’re proud of our reputation in offering the lowest rental truck prices in your area.

No dumb fees

Relax – with Orana, you won’t pay extra for any of the following:
  • Overseas driver’s licenses fees
  • Additional driver fees
  • High-season fees
  • Premium location fees
  • Administration fees
  • Long distance fees in NSW or ACT


How much does it cost to hire a van or truck?

The cost to rent our truck or truck hire in Sydney and Brisbane depends on your unique travel requirements, the vehicle you choose, the distance you expect to be travelling and the number of days you require the vehicle. At Orana Car & Truck, you can rent the following vans and trucks at the following rates:

Hino Truck – please note: rates vary depending on area of hire

Monday – Thursday: $99

Friday: $149

Saturday: $149 – $169

7 days: $99 inc 150 Kms free per day

*Call our reservations team for a market leading rate, and for pricing for our 1 tonne and 1.5 tonne van rentals in Sydney. 

How long can I hire the van for?

At Orana Car & Truck, there's no set limit to rent our van and truck hires in Sydney or Brisbane. Whether you're looking to rent for a few weeks  to a few years, our team can give you the most competitive market leading rental rates to meet your requirements.

What types of vans do you offer for hire?

We offer the following van rentals:

  • 1 tonne Toyota Hiace vans.
  • 1.5 tonne Toyota Hiace vans.

What type of trucks do you offer for hire?

Orana Car & Truck offers Hino trucks for hire.

Do the vehicles come with insurance?

All short and long-term trucks and van rentals at Orana Car & Truck are covered by vehicle rental specific insurance. This reimbursement covers stolen vehicles and damage by third parties. We will charge your credit card for the excess or gap amount, which can be claimed later. Contact our friendly team for more information about your rental insurance coverage.

What areas can I hire the van or truck?

You can hire our truck and van rentals in the following areas:

Van and truck hires Sydney: 

  • Chester Hill
  • Wolli Creek
  • Artarmon

Van and truck hires Brisbane: 

  • Moorooka

Why choose Orana for van & truck hire?

With over 40 years in the business, we are proud to create a name for ourselves as a leading car rental company for truck and van hires in Sydney and Brisbane. With offices conveniently located in various suburbs throughout major cities and an easy step-by-step online booking system  accessed, you can book a rental car anytime and anywhere so you can get on the road faster. If you need to book a vehicle asap, then we'll be ready for you! We operate and service throughout NSW, QLD and SA. For the use of vehicles outside our areas of use, contact our friendly reservation team.

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