10 car hacks you need to know

1. In an unfamiliar car and need to fill up? Look closer at that fuel gauge - the little arrow next to the picture of the pump tells you which side of the car the cap is on. You're welcome. 
2. If your car has no cup holder in it - what is this, the Dark Ages? - just shuffle off your sneaker, place in the centre console and voila, a cup holder. 
3. Don't shred your nails getting keys on and off a keyring: use the teeth of the staple remover in between the two rings, then press down and watch them separate. 
4. Can never find your car? Download iParkedHere to help track it down. Or drop a map pin on your smart phone before you leave your car. 
5. Cereal Tupperware make excellent rubbish bins in cars: just line with a plastic bag, pop the lid and no more messy car! 
6. Park facing east in the afternoons to avoid Burning Steering Wheel Syndrome. 
7. Still too hot? Cool a car down fast by rolling down the passenger-side window, and then flapping or slamming (not too hard!) the driver's door to force the hot air out. 
8. To improve the range of your electronic key by a few car lengths, hold it your head. According to Silicon Valley radio engineer, Tim Pozar, your head works as a conductor thanks to all the fluid in it. 
9. Make like an Uber driver, and thread a rubber band through one of the air-conditioning vents for a makeshift phone holder. 
10. And finally, those of you with seat warmers, offer to do the next pizza run, and keep your next Super Supreme steaming till you get home.