Green Focus: Carbon Reduction Organisations, locally and around the globe

Over the coming few weeks, our focus turns to organisations that enable us to reduce our carbon footprint including ways in which to reduce and offset our carbon impact. We start close to home by featuring Greenfleet, a non-profit organisation based in Victoria, Australia that has been running for 15 years. Its aim is to cut carbon emissions and to help the community by encouraging individuals and organisations to reduce the impact of their travel and lifestyle choices so that they leave a smaller carbon footprint. They represent well known brand names and they also they represent households and a number of small businesses. Greenfleet have a philosophy for tackling climate change and they have three key phases (as per their website): 1. Greenfleet will avoid creating emissions where it is  possible. 2. Greenfleet will also reduce the rate at which you create emissions. 3. Greenfleet will offset any emissions by re-capturing CO2 from the atmosphere. Why should you offset? Even if you were to cut your emissions by a significant amount, it would be unlikely that you could cut all sources of greenhouse gases in your life but you would be contributing to cutting the gases that are being released into the atmosphere and affecting climate change. Individuals are able to pay online through their secure internet site. Their product  offering is also aimed towards organisations with larger fleets such car rental companies in major cities, like Sydney. How much does it cost? For an average medium car it costs around $60 to offset for one year. This will cover the cost to plant native trees. This would be for most of the people the cost of just one full tank of petrol and this is also an income tax deductible donation for individuals. For businesses the carbon offset would cost just $15 per tonne. This would also be deductible as an business expense. Why should you choose Greenfleet? Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Greenfleet.
  • Greenfleet focuses on offsetting the emissions that are generated through vehicles, be it car, trucks and air travel plus as well as gas and electricity that is used by businesses and households.
  • They were the first not-for-profit organisation that gained approval from the Federal Government for being Greenhouse Friendly and using their offset methodology.
  • They plant native forests that will help to improve the water quality, this will also help reduce soil erosion and will also provide a habitat for native animals.
  • They also will work with local contractors to get the seed, grow the seedlings and plant the trees, thus helping to support local communities with employment and rural economies.
Fundraising Greenfleet will also plant more trees if you select them as your charity when you register for selected community events. Some of these events include City2Surf and other events held across the country. The donations help fund needed equipment for planting, site works, fences and other support materials. Greenfleet is also connected to a program called Robin Good. This is a website which offers discounts and if you make a purchase, they will make a donation to the charity of your choice. They are continually expanding the breadth of companies they are working with to ensure that they provide consumer with every opportunity to contribute. So in the future if and when you do take a flight or arrange car rental in sydney you might have the option to offset your carbon emission by donating just a small amount to help the environment.