Green Focus: Electric Car - Honda Fit EV

A new electric car from Honda is the Honda Fit EV. It provides a pure electric solution for motorists. The battery inside is a 20kWH Lithium-ion configuration but unlike other Li-ion batteries which are currently in use, the one inside the Fit Ev can be charged quicker. The battery has twice the number of charge cycles and it can also operate in a much wider temperature range. The battery is encased in a steel jacket and has been designed to be non-reactive in the event of a crash. The battery can be charged from a low-charge indicator back to full in as little as three hours. The electric motor inside is a 92kW with regard to power. This is the same motor which is used in the larger Honda FCX Clarity. The acceleration in the Fit EV is greater than that of the fuel run Honda Fit being an increase of 77%. The Honda Fit produces 106 lb-ft of torque while the Fit EV has 189 lb-ft of torque. Like other electric cars, the Fit EV has three different modes for driving. There is one for normal driving. There is also an ECON mode for when you want to stretch out the time between charges plus there is also a SPORT mode for when you need to pass a slow moving vehicle. The gear selector is just like you would find on your usual auto transmission vehicle but the EV does not have any gears. You have Park, Reverse and Drive plus a B position which is to increase the regenerative braking. You would use this when driving down a long hill, an increase in engine braking would be applied to help increase the battery recharging rate, The Fit EV comes equipped with six airbags, as well as a Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) and it also comes with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) as standard. Also included is a Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System which has voice recognition and also a rearview camera. Shown on the screen is a real time estimate of how far you can travel on the battery’s current charge and if you do need to charge up the battery you can push a button which is located on the steering wheel and ask the navigation system to find the nearest charging station. The Honda Fit Ev produces zero emissions and does not use a single drop of fuel to drive the vehicle and the EV also has the highest EPA efficiency rating in its class. It also has a better driving range compared to other electric vehicles. If car rental companies in major cities, like Sydney do start to move their fleets to vehicles which are all electric or like the Tesla then this would reduce their carbon footprint as well as helping to reduce their maintenance costs for their fleets and the need to refuel their vehicles. This would also reduce the cost for car rental in sydney.