Surviving the annual family road trip

1. Double your travel time However long you think you can do the trip in, count twice as long. Pushing on with tired, grumpy children (or grown-ups, for that matter) doesn't make for a relaxing trip. Factor in multiple rest times, pit stops and any spontaneous detours. 

2. Pack snacks Cheaper than service-station treats, and instantly deployable. Dry ones are better when it comes to kids - think crackers, not yoghurt - and an apple can while away a good 15 minutes (and keep mouths occupied). Snacking can also help with car sickness and any back-seat nausea. 

3. Learn the power of a singalong Be it kids nursery rhymes, or 80s power ballads, pull together a family-friendly Spotify list before you head off and listen to it often. That way, every time you hear a song from it, you'll be instantly transported your summer holidays.

4. Kick-start story-time Start everyone talking about a happy time - maybe the last holiday you took, or the funniest thing that happened when you were all in the car last. Getting everyone going can take time, but once you're on a roll, it engages everyone. 

5. Gamify the drive No, we're not talking about a PlayStation - instead, employ the age-old driving games of your own childhood. I Spy for young kids is a good one. Any competition based "spotting" games - yellow cars, for instance, or depending on where you're road tripping, cows/horses/etc - can fire up siblings and have them engage with what's going on around them, rather than a device.