Sydney September 9 – 15

What’s On In Sydney September 9 - September 15

Scots On The Rocks - Monday 9

Are you a fan of scottish dancing? Why not enrol in an eight week course starting on Monday September 9. Here you will be able to learn the basic steps and dance formations including those famous dances like jolly jigs and rocking reels. The course is being held at the Fort St Public School in More. The price is $100 and at the end you will be able to show your friends and family how to dance, Scottish style.

Film and Photography - Tuesday 10

Fan of film and photography? The Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum is having a special film and photography party. There is going to be a green screen which will allow you to be turned into an animated GIf. There will also be a cinema themed burlesque performance and also the guys from Kino Sydney will be attending. The price will be $16.

Business Workshop - Wednesday 11

Do you run a small business? Are you thinking about setting up your own business? Well you are in luck if you want to get some ideas. City of Sydney has been running a series of workshops that are designed to help out people running small businesses or for those that are getting ready to set up on their own. There will be presentations from different industries and NSW government agencies. They have been running these workshops since June and the workshop on Wednesday will be designed for those who have a small bar or are looking to start up a small bar. The event is free and is being held at Customs House. They will also be having sessions on Fridays during September and October.

Yoga - Friday 13

Fan of Yoga? Future of Yoga is holding two music and yoga sessions at Paddington Uniting Church. It is called Fire and Flow. Flow will be the more relaxed session with soothing beats. Fire will have a more upbeat and dynamic session which has been given the title “Rave Yoga” This is 2 hours in length and both variations are serious workouts which will include strength and cardio work. The fire session will create a high energy level as it will be an adrenaline charged natural high.

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