Sydney to Melbourne Drive

Whilst the drive is an attraction in itself with some of the most remarkable scenery you will ever see, we have below itemised major attractions along the way that certainly make a worthwhile stop: 1. Illawarra fly treetop walk: The Illawarra fly treetop walk is a breathtaking stroll along a safe walkway, towering amongst lush vegetation of the Southern Coast of New South Wales. Look out for special discounts on rainy days! It also makes a great stop for lunch, boasting a gourmet cafe with a comprehensive menu. 2. The Kiama Blow Hole: The town of Kiama has a natural attraction known as the Kiama Blow Hole. It is a cavity in a rock face that waves break into, pushing water up vertically through the cavity. In the right conditions where the waves are large enough, the water breaks through the surface of the cavity. As the water breaks through the cavity, a loud “thud” type sound is created where receding waters collide against waves breaking into the cavity. It only requires a brief stop however is certainly worthwhile one. 3. Montague Island Light House: This restored lighthouse is located on the Montague Island Nature reserve which is a part of the protected Batemans Marine Park. It boasts thousands of years of ongoing Aboriginal heritage, 125 years of lighthouse history as well as rich flora and fauna. It also contains New South Wales’ largest little penguin and seal colonies. 4. Whale and Dolphin watching: The south coast is directly on the route of whales migrating across the continent providing high probabilities for whale watching enthusiasts. There are numerous operators of boat tours along the south coasts, notably in Jervis Bay. Whilst the Sydney Melbourne journey is relatively easy to maneuver through, there are some important tips to bear in mind to ensure you have a safe journey: 1. Speed: Slow and steady is the best way to enjoy this route, speed has been a key contributing factor in many serious accidents. 2. Vehicle Loads: Take care when loading the vehicle and as far as possible, try and keep the roof free of weight. This will reduce the chance of vehicle roll over. 3. Vehicle Checks: Perform all basic mechanical checks on your vehicle prior to commencing your journey. If you have arranged car rental in Sydney, if possible, it is advisable to pay extra to obtain a car with ABS brakes and Vehicle Stability Control. If you love driving and want to take the opportunity to visit more of this amazing country then take the time to learn more about the many diverse and historic routes that criss-cross the country, if you are in need of a vehicle, or your personal vehicle is just too small, then consider car rental in Sydney and other major hubs as an affordable means of transport.