The fine print

Find us someone who likes reading contracts, and we'll show you someone who could do with a weekend away. That said, the fine print on any agreement is important, so here we've compiled a cheat sheet of insurance terms so you can speed read, know where Orana stands against other car-hire companies and get on with your day. Single vehicle excess At Orana, you are covered whether you hit another car, or if your accident involves no other vehicle – say, if you strike a parking pole, animal or tree. Some compaznies don’t cover you for single-vehicle accidents – at Orana we do. Additional driver fees It’s important to share the load on any trip, so here at Orana we don’t believe restricting the number of drivers. Feeling tired? Swap over, and pay nothing. Excess fees Our standard excess is $990 for most renters (aged between 25 and 69 years). These can be as high as $3,300 with other providers imposing a large amount of risk on the renter. Kilometre restrictions Orana offers unlimited travel within NSW and ACT for passenger vehicles at no extra charge. Other car companies: either capped free kilometres or area-of-use limitations can sometimes apply in these States. Foreign licences Travel broadens the mind, so we’re all for it. No fees or restrictions on non-Australian licences. Plus, where would we be without our beloved travellers?