Trailer Parking, Trailer Towing Guide

Reversing a trailer is up there with one of the world’s most difficult road manoeuvres. Empower your tow bar with these top tips: Practice makes perfect. Find an empty parking lot, and invest in a set of witch’s hats. The smaller the trailer, the harder the park – short trailers are more manoeuvrable and responsive, therefore more difficult. Take it slow, and give it a few goes. Ask for help. A spotter may be helpful before your confidence is up – they will see things you can easily miss. Get on the Bluetooth so you can talk to each other easily – you need to concentrate on watching the trailer, not the spotter. Don’t forget to consider everything around the spot, not just the lines.
Overhanging branches can skim the trailer, but not the roof. Back the trailer to the driver’s side. It’s much easier to see what you’re doing, than via the passenger side – even if that means finding a different spot. Parallel street parking is not your friend. Be straight up. If you can, try and line up the spot so you can reverse straight into it. Minor corrections are easier than starting with a 90-degree jackknife. (Though once you’re a pro, you can tackle those too.) Us the 6 o’clock move.
When you’re ready, place your left hand at the bottom of the steering wheel – in the six o’clock position – and turn your body and head to look out of the window and behind you. Simply move your steering-wheel hand in the direction you want the trailer to go. Check, and check again. Don't be afraid to stop, get out, and look to see where you are. It's better to stop numerous times to check where you are than to have to fix damage to your trailer/truck/rented ute.