Truck vs. Car

SIZE Obviously, a car is smaller than a truck. Which means your spatial awareness is challenged, plus your vantage point is much higher. It's always a good idea to take a few practice turns (and parking) in an empty carpark to get a feel for your dimensions. 
POWER While it may not be as fast off the lights, a truck has more power than a car. But that means more fuel to burn too - keep an eye on that gauge... especially if your hauling heavy cargo too. 
MANOEUVRABILITY Cars are faster around a corner and low to the road, which means taking a corner at speed isn't an issue (depending on the speed, that is). Your turning radius for a truck should be much wider - even taking two lanes with appropriate signalling if needs must. Also take that turn slow - really slow in the wet. It's hard to flip a car, but relatively easy to do the same in something as top heavy as a truck. 
PARKING Blind spots are an issue in any vehicle, but with a bigger body comes a bigger blind spot. Make sure your mirrors are properly adjusted and that you’ve checked and rechecked any blind spots. Brake sooner than you would for a car – a heavy load means longer stop times. 
PRESENCE Everyone's on more-or-less equal footing in cars, but a truck is always imposing on the road. People are much less likely to cut you off or tailgate. You can enjoy the power - just don't abuse it. Image credit EA at