Why It Is Important to Hire A Ute While Moving?

Downing sizing to a new one bedroom apartment or relocating your small business to another location? Why not consider a ute rental with Orana Car & Truck?

Truck and car rental services have made our lives more manageable in many ways. Whether you're holidaying for the weekend, have an event to attend out of state, or need to fulfil a business or trade commitment- individuals and businesses rely on the efficiency of car rental companies to meet their travel requirementments.

In this blog, we outline why it is important to hire a ute, the advantages you can gain and the activities that you can do with your family.

What exactly is a ute?

Out of all vehicles in Australia, a ute makes for a popular vehicle choice thanks to their features, dimensions and versatility. As a utility motor vehicle, it comes with a closeted seating area for two to three people at a time. Most people will hire this mode of transport to move loads from one place to another.

Why hire a ute rental?

A ute isn't limited to carrying heavy loads. People look to hire utes for travelling purposes to make most of their vacations. With popularity comes choice. In Australia, 4x4 models are widely available for buyers and renters. Often, these ute models come with features such as a roomy five seating configuration to accommodate families, a generous load box or loading tray as well as a four-wheel drive for off road adventures. So it's not just luggage and goods you can move- you can transport the entire brood too!

Popular 4x4 utes include:

Please note: Not all utes have 4x4 drive and dimensions may vary depending on the car model and make.

Utes as family vehicles

When we think of family cars, we immediately think of SUVs. While they are favoured by growing families for their sleek design and roomy interiors, a ute is strong competition.

Whilst utes aren't heavy-duty workhorses like a moving van or truck, they are designed to work harder than other commercial vehicles. A dual-cab ute will not only hold a full load of luggage, but can easily hold the whole family and handle long distance travel- the best of both worlds!

A ute rental is ideal for families who don't mind a bit of mess. This means throwing sandy wet swimsuits in the back with an even sandier tent and toys. If you spend weekends throwing personal training equipment in and out or riding trail bikes, renting a ute for a few hours is your best option.

Benefits of a long term ute rental

Ease of affordability & availability

In this day and age, ute vehicles can come in many different brands and editions. This makes your choice extensive. Combine this with a ute's ability to deliver high mileage and performance, makes ute rentals more appealing. This increased utility makes these vehicles available for lower rental prices. So, at competitive rates, you can move your belongings from location to location without worrying about breaking the bank.

Convenience & comfort

As far as comfort is concerned, utes are now powered with modern technology and fittings for optimal riding comfort. Some features include but are not limited to modern airbags for increased passenger safety, robust air conditioning system, smooth power steering, ample luggage space, manual and automatic driving mode, and many such characteristics for a successful road trip experience.

Ute models and brands vary from locations. Chat with our car rental team to learn about the features of our fleet.

Versatility & efficiency

A ute is quite versatile in terms of the tasks they can perform with ease. For example, do you need to change your office address or house quickly? Both situations involve transporting loads of weight from one location to another. With a ute, you can move a variety of items without any hassle, thanks to the load tray or box behind the seating area. If you're a sole trader or work for a business where moving items from location to location is commonplace, a ute is your best fit.

It's not just for moving. You can rent a ute for tours around the city at a lower rate compared to hopping on public transport.

Fuel efficiency

Most people don't consider a ute or van as 'fuel-efficient', but it's one of a ute's main benefits. Some dual-cab models can be just as fuel-efficient as a new city-slick sedan. For example, the Ford Ranger offers a fuel consumption of 6.5L per 100km with an 80-litre fuel tank. As this model also has a high towing capacity, the fuel economy associated isn't too bad.

Hiring a ute rental with Orana Car & Truck

Rent a car, van, ute or truck of any dimension online and prepay your vehicle hire upfront prior to collection, and we can save you on significant out-of-pocket expenses and time. We'll keep our overhead costs low and vehicle choices simple to ensure we can find you the right ute rental that suits your travel needs.

As utes come in various loading capacities, we'll sit down with you and discuss the nature of your holiday or job to find the best ute that will be able to cater to your requirements.

Better yet, all cars, utes, trucks and vans are less than two years old- meaning you're guaranteed to get a rental vehicle with modern features and optimal fuel economy.

Furthermore, if it's a straightforward booking system and prompt answers you're after, then that's what you'll get with Orana Car & Truck. We operate throughout NSW and most of Queensland. For more information, read more about our areas of use.

Contact our team today and see how Orana can help you get on the road faster.