5 Tips to Avoid Surprise

1. What size van do you need?

The majority of vans come in 2 variants, 1 tonne and 1.5 tonne. Whilst this provides a measure of mass it does not assist in clarifying dimensions. Dimensions would be more relevant when moving bulkier items such as beds and longer items such as bookshelves, tables and so on. As an indication a Hyundai iLoad van and Toyota Hiace van would both be classified as 1 tonne however the later would provide upwards of 10% more volume. This could mean additional trips and more time spent in getting the job done. For serious hauling, 1.5t vans are a good option providing almost 40% more volume and greater flexibility by generally having entry on both sides of the van.

2. Biggest is not always best:

Consider your needs prior to booking a van. If a smaller van (say a 1 tonne) suffices, then this is the way to go. The smaller the van, the easier it will be to maneuver, the less fuel it will use and, most importantly, the lower the price will be. When comparing prices of van hire in Sydney, differences can be as up to 50%.

3. Licensing requirements:

Van Hire in Australia requires no more than a C Class license (NSW) to drive a truck up to 4.5 tonne GVM. In layman’s terms, the van and its contents should collectively not exceed 4.5 tonnes overall (this is only likely to occur in vans with a 2 tonne capacity).

4. Search and book early:

Cheap van and car rental in Sydney is hard to find during towards the end of the week, weekends and holiday periods.  Booking in advance will certainly avoid any disappointment and last minute price hikes. Whilst the majority of companies will push prices up to match shortages and demand, a few select car and truck rental companies maintain price stability which favours the customer. Be sure to seek out reviews of the van rental company to ensure the company is reputable and the van is likely to be in good condition. The last thing you want during your big move is for the van to break down, leaving you stranded.

5. Insurance cover for the unexpected:

Insurance conditions around commercial vehicles do differ to regular car hire in Sydney. Expect a higher excess due to the higher cost of new vans to the rental company. So as the move approaches, plan ahead and work your way through the points we have above. Booking early, locating the right van for you, ensuring you have the right supplier are key to ensuring that your move is a smooth and productive one.